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About Regen

Regen Wilson’s journey from the disciplined ranks of the U.S. Air Force to the entrepreneurial landscapes of California embodies a narrative of service, transformation, and community impact. 

Following eight years on active duty, Regen built a career in Washington, D.C., before pioneering Stone Mountain Enterprises, a veteran-owned communications and management consulting firm in the Golden State. His enterprise flourished, driven by his dedication and business acumen.

But it was his involvement with the Monday Meal, a communal luncheon and pantry initiative for the less fortunate at his Episcopal parish in Los Angeles, which ignited a genuine desire to advocate for the homeless and food-insecure populations. This newfound passion crystallized into a purposeful enterprise when he secured his first major client: Veteran Peer Access Network. 

This pilot program strives to bridge the gap between veterans and their families in crisis with a range of support services targeting homelessness, substance abuse, mental health challenges, suicide prevention, chronic unemployment, and financial aid.

Regen holds a B.S. in Social Sciences from the U. S. Air Force Academy and an M.A. in Public Policy from Pepperdine University. He also chairs the Organizational Development Committee on the California Democratic Party’s Veterans Caucus.  While he builds his Studio City-based small business into a bicoastal enterprise, Regen is also an avid hiker, historian, animal lover, nature enthusiast, and a proud member of SAG-AFTRA, all with the support of his best friend and running mate, Sparky.



Meet Sparky Wilson!

Sparky Wilson’s journey began with humble beginnings in a crowded puppy mill in Indiana. His life took a turn for the best when he was rescued and welcomed into a loving home with his adoptive family. Throughout the years, Sparky has undertaken numerous roles with grace and enthusiasm, whether it be ensuring the security of his household, contributing to cleanliness as a dedicated sanitation expert, offering comfort as a sleep therapy assistant, or performing rigorous testing in the innovative field of chew toy durability.

Following a bicoastal career, Sparky eventually retired to Los Angeles, where he thrives as a renowned treat sampling connoisseur. Sparky boasts an impressive educational background, including a B.S. in Tracking with an emphasis on Rodents, and an M.A. in Canine Relations.

He’s also an actor, hiker, people lover, stuffed animal collector and enjoys just about anything so long as he’s with his humans.